Sunday, April 12, 2009

Passover PAR-TAY

At the moment, Jed and I are watching the Ten Commandments. Jed got it as an Easter present for us and I'm quite impressed. I've never seen it before actually and Jed tells me that this movie framed the way he viewed the scriptures and his experiences at BYU Jerusalem years ago. Even though the Ten Commandments may not be totally historically accurate....but they did try to use the most historical sources they could find, it's reminding me how much Moses's story was an archetype of Christ. In a way they are foil deliverers. Moses was the son of slaves but raised in the most elaborate palaces the world has to offer. He was called to physically liberate his people. Christ was born with Kingly lineage but raised in the most humble circumstances. He was called to spiritually liberate His people. The coincidences don't stop there--shepherd metaphors (Moses' use of a shepherd staff), rejection/banishment, miracles, etc...

Anyway, just a few days ago we celebrated the Exodus! This was my 2nd annual Passover feast. I am fascinated by Jewish culture and people.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Magazine Thinks We're Hip Enough to be 'Square'

Square Magazine liked our l'il wedding and posted some photos from it. Enjoy!!

Emma and Jed’s wedding was all about colors and culture. Emma had lived in Hawaii, so she incorporated Hawaiian and Asian influences into her décor for a classy, tropical feel.

“I wanted a wedding that included my favorite colors and the cultures I love,” Emma says.

Emma also has a thing for all things vintage, so she added that into the mix with a self-designed vintage style dress made by Nancy Barrus Couture in Provo and real antique vases from Man on the Moon Antiques in Provo.

Emma’s advice for brides to be: “In the midst of your wedding planning, take time to think through why you are marrying your fiancé. After the wedding is over, all you have is him. I was lucky to have picked a great guy.”

Parasols were shipped from Thailand for each bridesmaid. Handmade bowties were made for all the boys. The couple asked their artistic family members and friends to paint pictures to display at their reception.

The bride designed the cake herself, and Dick’s Market in Bountiful pulled it off for under $200. The couple’s wedding was a marriage of vintage, Hawaiian, Asian and Victorian themes.


Saturday, April 4, 2009



ferris wheel